About Us:

GharPe is the India’s first integrated service providers on Health care operating in Hyderabad. We deliver wide range of products like day to day harvested Organic Vegetables, fresh Desi cow A2 milk products, Cold-Pressed cooking oils and many more at your door steps and at dawn before 7am.

We also offer services such as Yoga, Fitness and many more activities from certified and professional trainers at your own home at your comfortable timeslots. We guarantee our products and services at the cheapest prices in the market and with the most superior quality.

Is this even possible?

YES, Our aim is always to benefit both our hardworking farmers, service providers and our beloved users. Our unique business model ensures farmers get more than 70% of our total revenue.

We harvest vegetables from GharPe certified farms daily in the evenings, based on today’s total order quantity and deliver to you on the very next day. Thus we avoid the need for large refrigeration chambers, huge storage units and thus we’re able to gladly deliver our users at the lowest prices in the market with a charming freshness in our products.

 Our Certified and Professional service providers are tremendously happy working with us as we never charge anything from them for providing leads. So, in spite of being celebrities in their industry, having years of expertise, they are happily serving numerous homes again with the best prices in the market.

GharPe core philosophy is “Happy Homes and Healthy Lives” of our users who trusted us with their family health. Our daily fresh products, contactless deliveries, expert trainers, we stand unique in our field and blessed with loving customers throughout Hyderabad.

Why GharPe:

We are India’s first integrated platform based on total Health and wellness.We only partner with Trainers having years of experience, certified, and who are professionals in their respective fields. Only after series of verifications and background checks, we onboard our service professionals.

Our partner Farms specialties:

1. Desi Cow A2 Milk & Ghee – We make sure if cows are 100% desi breed, maintained with good hygiene, growing themselves 100% organic grass for fodder, strict zero antibiotics policy and happiness of cows.

2. Organic Vegetables – We travel with numerous farms for months, make sure they are following 100% organic practices and only then partner with the few passionate farmers.

We deliver day-to-day harvested vegetables and fresh cow milk daily, no storage, no refrigeration and hence our promise of lowest prices is an actual reality.

We provide frequent farm visits. You can visit the farm form where your veggies are actually being grown, how they are grown and spend some quality time with the humble desi cows.

 Ours is a zero plastic policy, your milk will be delivered in eco-friendly glass bottles and veggies in a recycled paper bag. On each order you can track your carbon footprint.

You can actually compare with fellow GharPe users, your green earth contribution or the amount of plastic you avoided by purchasing from GharPe.


GharPe Process