Gharpe is India’s first integrated platform for a healthy lifestyle. We deliver farm fresh organic vegetables, Desi cow A2 milk, Ghee, Butter, Cold-Pressed oils along with other wellness services like Yoga & Fitness, all at your door-Steps.

Day-to-Day harvested organic vegetables, 100% pure Desi Cow A2 milk, Cold-Pressed Oils. As of now, we are delivering A2 milk, A2 Ghee, A2 Butter & Cold Pressed Oils throughout Hyderabad. Organic Vegetables & Groceries will be available very soon.

Gharpe offers monthly, half-yearly & annually membership. Users who buy the above subscriptions will get 50% cashback & 10% off on each product & services when they order it on

Subscription is the base ordering process where a customer doesn’t need to pay every day and can gain discounts on monthly subscriptions.

Desi Cow A2 Milk

All our Cows are 100% Indian pure breed. Calves are fully fed & cows are taken for open grazing every day, they are fed with organically grown fodder. Gharpe believes happy cows give healthy lives & thus we ensure happy homes & healthy lives

Our milk is 100% free of preservatives. We advice our users to heat the milk before 8 AM after delivery.

Milking is done & the whole process is monitored by our farm executive. Then packing is done in our well-Sterilized glass bottles & then deliver at your door-steps.

Actually, all mammals produce milk which contains a protein of type A2. And all
Indian breed cows are of A2 variety. Some cows like Jersy & HF DNA has mutated
from A2 type 1000’s of years ago and is identified as A1 milk.

Farm fresh raw milk is processed from Gharpe farms early in the morning. Filled in sterilized glass bottles & delivered by 70m at your door-steps. Every human is indirectly taking 5gms at plastic daily through various plastic sources. Hence Gharpe uses only glass bottles & strictly maintain 100% plastic-free process.

Glass bottles are collected every day. These bottles are initially thoroughly washed with chemical-free detergent & rinsed clearly. Their bottles are then boiled in hot water to further sterilize. Gharpe takes immense care in hygiene & cleanliness.

Each day user may place the bottle outside of your door at nights preferably with bottle guard intact. The following morning during delivery of fresh milk, our deliveryboy will exchange the previous day bottles with fresh milk.

If you took subscription package & say, you are going on a vacation tomorrow for 3 days. Now, you might update us online/offline before 11 pm tonight. These 3 days money that you paid in Subscription package will be credited in your Gharpe wallet.

Let’s say you subscribed for monthly milk package & require additional 1 Lt milk tomorrow. Place order for extra milk before 11 pm previous day & our delivery boy will deliver the extra ordered milk along with the usual quantity of milk.

In order to deliver tomorrow before 7 AM early in the morning, you can order till 11 pm tonight. Gharpe is the only online website who could still deliver early in the morning, yet taking order till late at night

Organic Vegetables

All our farms are within 50 km radius of Hyderabad. Our users will have an opportunity to visit our farms frequently. After travelling a minimum of three months with the farmersand confirm the practices as per GharPe “Organic Standards” only then we sign-up with the farmers.

Organic farming can be done in many ways depending on the geological location. Currently, our farmers follow ZBNF by Padmasri Subash Palekar ji. Cow dung manure & kashaya’s made of herbal leaves are used as an alternative to conventional pesticides & fertilizers.

We tie up with only passionate & dedicated farms who understands Gharpe vision & willing to have long-term commitment & relation with both Gharpe team & Gharpe users.

Our dedicated farm executives travel to the farms every week to make sure farming is done naturally & organically. We have a few parameters to check if practices are organic or not. The bio-diversity in farms where fertilizers & pesticides are not used dwells in organic farms. Fields should be filled with different fauna like frogs, honey bees, few insects & a most impartially good number of earthworms in the soil.

Gharpe loves to show their farm & farming practices. Gharpe frequently conducts farm-visits open to all the visitors & their users. Interested persons can learn about organic farming and spend quality time with their family members in Gharpe events & activities.

Unlike stores & other big online delivery platforms, Gharpe doesn’t use large storage/refrigeration units. We don’t have any operational costs. We satisfy both our farmers and users at reasonable prices. We can proudly say that we are the only platform in India who shares 70% of Gharpe revenue to our farmers. farmers and users at reasonable prices. We can proudly say that we are the only platform in India who shares 70% of Gharpe revenue to our farmers.

Our harvesting & delivery process is first of its kind in India. Gharpe calculates the total quantities ordered by today noon 12 then harvests the same quantities of veggies & deliver them early in the morning by 7 the following day. So anytime the user receives 12hours below, fresh vegetables with no refrigerator or preservatives. Our vegetables are properly graded by experts & delivered in 100% recycled paper bag. We practice free policy strictly.