Desi Cow A2 Butter (0.5 kg)


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Desi Cow A2 Butter:
Our Butter is made from pure breed Desi Cow A2 Butter at our certified Gaushalas in traditional hand churned method. It’s free of harmful cholesterol and is one of the best-known medicine as per Ayurvedic sciences.

Benefits of having Desi Cow A2 Butter:
1. Rich in essential nutrients and essential fatty acids. Enhances
2. It helps balance metabolism and enzyme secretion in our body.
3. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol in our bodies.
4. Believed to cure chronic diseases as per Vedas.
5. Used in every Arthi, Puja, and Yajna.

At GharPe certified Farms:
1. No preservatives, no added essence, and no added colors.
2. Made from 100% organic desi cow A2 milk.
3. Zero adulteration/zero chemicals.
4. Made in the traditional method by hand churning the curd and not
from cream.
5. FSSAI and AGMARK certified standards.


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