Peanut Oil (1 ltr)

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1. flavoured oil.
2. Daily Deliveries at your Doorstep before 7 am.
3. 100 % Natural and Farm fresh.

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Cold Pressed Oils:
Refined and processed oils are subjected to high temperatures (hydrogenation) and fats on heating usually lose their characteristics. Unhealthy Unsaturated fats turn into trans-fats which are very harmful to our health since trans-fats increase bad LDL cholesterol in our body. So we GharPe are making available the Cold-Pressed oils which retain all their flavour, aroma and nutritional values.
Peanut Oil:
1. flavoured oil, best for making peanut flavoured dishes like
cookies, cakes, etc.
2. Low in unhealthy saturated fats, but high in healthy unsaturated fats.
3. Has coronary benefits, good for the heart.
4. Longest shelf life among all Cold-Pressed oils.

Oil comes in an exotic airtight glass bottle.


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